Denise Watson

My Personal Road

I have been dabbling in writing since I was seven years old. My first item published was in what was then known as the Viewer, a magazine that devoted itself to what was on television at that period in time. I should imagine it was much thinner than the current TV Times as, in the 1960s, there were only two channels – Tyne Tees and BBC.

I then hit it big and started writing letters for a children’s corner in the local newspaper. My membership number was 3604.  I was thirteen years old.

As with many women, I went on to have family and put my desire of writing on hold and, for the last fifteen years, I have dabbled here and there, a few articles and a larger number of letters being published in popular newspapers and magazines.

As my children have now grown up and moved on, I am dedicating my time to something that has been important to me nearly all of my life.

I look forward to a bright future.

About the Working Me

As in all walks of my life, I fully understand professionalism and confidentiality and respect working to deadlines.  I have a good knowledge of both disability and social care and an in-depth understanding of hearing impairment and the deaf world.

I write factual articles and press releases and also enjoy editing, proofreading  and also doing book reviews. Please view my Published Work page, to get a taste of my writing style.

Creating something that is easy to read takes both time and commitment and I take pride in achieving such results .  I am happy to take on personal requests, so please feel free to contact me at dwatsonspage@hotmail.com

I also work as an editor and proofreader for both native and non-native writers of English, something which I really love doing.  Should you require more details, please refer to my Editing and Proofreading Service page.




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