Researching the Titanic – the Centenary in April 2012.

It must be two months now that I have been researching the birth and death of the Titanic.  It has been very emotional …. very emotional indeed.

The construction of the Titanic and learning about the lifeboats (and to know that, according to the laws of the time, they had more than sufficient lifeboats onboard) gave me a feeling of expectation.  The grandeur of the first-class accommodation was indeed a home-away-from-home for its first class passengers, the second class passengers felt that their accommodation was equal to first class on any other liner and the third class, well, the third class may not have had the best of accommodation but they were all very high on hope.  Passengers from all over the world (China, Australia, the Lebanon, Sweden, Siam to name but a few countries) were sailing towards a new future ….. .

Whole families were wiped out and, because of the ‘women and children first’ rule, even the richest man on board was amongst those who died.  Families were split and, on many occasions, it can be seen that the father died while the family survived.  As many as eleven people in one family perished – none of them survived.

I have found it difficult to plough through the information available but, in a way, I am pleased that I have done this.  It is a reminder that we must treat every day as our last and ‘be sure that the last thing you say can stand as the last thing you said’.

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