Helping Others with their Writing.

It’s true to say that the kick of seeing one’s name on a published work can be more important than the money received for that particular writing.  It’s like a fix.  You do it and ‘aah ….. .’

But it’s nice to be paid too …. .

Other than writing something with a suitable market in mind, it can also be fun to see what other people are up to and help them with anything they might be doing.  I started with a content mill, where not only could you showcase your own work to likely interested purchasers but you could also accept proposals put forward by those searching for their own particular needs.  It was enjoyable but a little stressful, particularly when you put in the article you had prepared with a buyer in mind and someone had pipped you to the post.

I’ve now joined Elance, where you receive ten free points every month, which give you the opportunity to make ten bids for work you see being advertised. If you look at bids being put in for the same work, you will see that someone might bid 22 dollars (it’s an Amercian site) and someone else might bid three hundred!  I don’t bid low, out of respect for myself but I do put in a bid that will fall somewhere in the sixty to eighty percent range of bids.  Okay, a lot of the jobs that interest me don’t come my way (in fact, most of them don’t!) but I would sooner feel rewarded for my one hundred percent effort than begrudgingly complete the task.  So far, though I’ve had only one client for whom I have completed three tasks, I have found the site extremely professional and a good experience.  If all clients are as good as my first one, I recommend Elance to others!


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