Is There a Right and Wrong in Proofreading (or is that proof reading)?

You may love proofreading but, no matter how sure you are of what is right and wrong, how sure are you that you are truly right? I’ll give you some examples:-

‘We are talking about the 1970s’ but ‘that man is wearing a 1970’s suit’.

Is it ‘over confident’ or ‘over-confident’ or overconfident’?

Is it ‘teddy boys’ or ‘Teddy boys’?

Is overuse of the capital letter now becoming acceptable and who are the lonely few who remember how to use it correctly?  Moreover, do these few trust their own judgement any more?

I could go on and on but, suffice to say, these are but a few examples.

Is there a definitive ‘code of correctness’ that we should all study?

I’m lucky to have an excellent command of UK spelling and, when reading something, I know what looks or feels wrong.  Still, what I have to remember is that language is a living thing.  It changes with time (e.g. the ‘to-day’ of my youth is now ‘today”) and we must keep up with these changes …… somehow!

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