I’ve Just ‘Kindlified’ my First Word Document!

‘Kindlify’ may not be a real word but it definitely sums up what I have just done.  After a year or more of being interested in how to make a kindle book, I’ve taken the plunge and done it!  And it was so incredibly easy!

Just the other day, I had told Hubby  that, after being out of the education system for the last seven years (I live in the outback of Spain), I may now be sixty years old but I really do need  to learn something.  I was considering a course to enhance my counselling skills (online supervision), a course in past life therapy (again, to enhance my counselling skills), or maybe a course in enhancing my writing knowledge, when my other half provided me with links to how to make a Kindle book.

Two hours into reading and I was ready to ‘do the biz’.   My book is about the things a student of British sign language should know before starting the course and it lists useful points which, had I known these before I started my first of three stages of sign language, I would have had an excellent base on which build my learning.  I now have it ready for uploading to Amazon and achieving this really woke me up, so I am now raring to go on another one!

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