There are So Many Good Writing Sites Out There … .

Every so often, I trawl through my saved favourite writing-related websites.  You know what it’s like …. you see a site you like, save it for the future (as you haven’t got time to look at it in that moment), then you forget all about what you saw.  When you go back to them, you can’t remember why you saved some of them but you can’t wipe them off, just in case …. .

Well, the other day, I went through some of those sites.  I save under three categories:-

 The writers’ outlets include any sites that offer publishing opportunities.  I subscribe to , which shows you sites and magazines that need writers and I have got quite a lot of work from this site.

The writers’ resources give tips on writing and how to get published e.g. .  There’s a lot to be learnt from such sites as these.

The writers’ sites include sites which have impressed me e.g.   The womag site is written by Kath McGurl and she has lots of interaction with other writers and also fiction editors.  Another very new site –  – is showing great promise.  This writer has already sworn a relationship with the fiction editor of People’s Friend (Shirley Blair) and gives her ideas (and Shirley Blair’s) on how to get published there.  Now that can’t be bad, can it?

Why not have a look?

After getting a fresh cuppa, of course ….. .

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