Write About What you Know …. or what you are learning by default…. .

As writers, we’re regularly told that you should write about what you know and I’d like to enlarge upon that good advice …. .

 Every time your write something for someone, you learn something.  You collect loads of information, from which you pick and choose what is perfect for what you are writing for your client. 

But surely there’s some information in all of that research that will allow you to write an article from yourself, yes?

 Over the last few months, I’ve written about topics which meant nothing to me, until I did the research.  I suppose I over-researched, as I needed to get a handle on the new topics, so that I could write like someone who knew what they were writing about.  Well, once you’ve got to grips with that topic, why not try writing a few filler articles that you can tailor towards some of the magazines that would be interested in such page-filling snippets?

It’s worked for me …… .



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