There are Limits … .

I like to write, both for myself and for others.  I also like to edit and proofread, both for native and non-native writers of English.  The pleasure for perfecting other people’s work is immense and I don’t think I can describe it correctly in words.

But let me try …. .

Correcting the spelling, re-arranging sentences to make them appear in a more logical order and, for non-native writers of English, changing those words to make them ‘more English’, all give me a great feeling of satisfaction.  I might change one word for another, because the writer’s word isn’t the one that native English people would use, or I might remove some words and replace them with an idiomatic phrase, because that is how English people would communicate that particular piece of information.

Then, I’ll read it all again … and again …. until I am absolutely satisfied with myself and know that I cannot do anything more to improve that piece of work.

Hmm … definitely a Cadbury’s dairy milk moment ….. .

The strange thing is that, after putting so much effort into this pleasure of editing and proofreading, I always seem to forget to check my own e-mails and, just as I am lifting my finger of the ‘send’ button, I see it!

Forgive me.  When it comes to writing, I am a perfectionist ….. but there are limits and at least I am admitting to mine …. .

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