When that Comma Really Proves its Worth

It seems that gone are the days when people punctuate their writings sufficiently.  At the age of sixty, I’m starting to think that bad punctuation has appeared so often, that the general public at large are now unsure as to what is, and what isn’t, correct usage. 

Today, I have just come across a sentence which, without the comma, could lead to serious accusations:- 

‘I love cooking my children and my pets.’ 

Don’t go there for supper! 

But to correct this sentence, there will then be a discussion as to what is correct and we can blame the Oxford comma for this.  So, it could be either:- 

‘I love cooking, my children and my pets (my age would agree with this).’ 


‘I love cooking, my children, and my pets.’ 

Things do change, I agree.  But (notice I have started a sentence with the word ‘but’, which, along with ‘and’, used to be viewed as a ‘no go’ areas), if some believe one thing and others believe another, what kind of future does correct punctuation have? 

If you’d like to contribute a sentence which reads incorrectly as a result of the lack of correct punctuation, I’d love to see it here.

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