I am Now Nine Kindle Books into It … .

If you’ve been thinking about putting some of your work onto Kindle but are worried that it might be difficult and also time-consuming, let me put your mind at rest.  To get a book up there, it’s both easy and quick.  I now have nine books up on Kindle and, though I make only pin money every month, I’m proud that they are up there and that people are buying them.

To date, my topics have been about what I know, though I know other people research a subject and then write about that.  For any of you that subscribe to the Paulette Ensign website (http://www.tipsbooklets.com/), a lady who specialises in providing information booklets, you’ll know that a lot of people quite often want a taste of a subject, not a full on nuts and bolts which will leave them dead in their tracks by page three.  Strangely enough,  I once bought a ‘Book for Idiots’ on a computer programming topic and, by the fifth or sixth page, it told me that I now needed to find an expert to help me with the next deliverance in the book.  So, my point is that, if you want to get a book up there on Kindle, give someone the basics of a topic.  Once you ar sure that your writing is free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, you’re ready to get your writing up there. 

Go on.  Try it.

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