‘Back to Creative Writing School’ by Bridget Whelan …. Wow!

Over the last few years, I’ve bought eleven or twelve books on how to write short stories.  Some of these have been paperbacks and some Kindle books and all have been full of information of some kind or other.  I missed the Kindle ‘free’ day for Back to Creative Writing School by Bridget Whelan but purchased it the following day for less than two pounds.

Wow, wow and more of the same!!

What a book.

What amazing content.

Many books are much or a muchness but this one was so very different.  From the very outset, I wanted to do the exercises, rather than skipping them like I usually do.  The information she provides gave me lots of ideas on how I could improve my work.  She talked about scrabble words, throwing stones at your characters, evoking sensations, personification, drip feeding information, linking sound with movement, humour understatements and reversals, the five fears and ….. well ….. buy the book.

If Bridget can give such information in a book, what does she give in courses?  I’m off there now to have a look.

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  1. Thank you so much for your generous review – so glad you enjoyed BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL and really appreciate the time and trouble you to review it.

    • You’re very welcome and I meant every word of it. I’ve been trying to move across from writing articles to creating short stories anugh I do usually send off a handful of stories, I usually get to the point where I slink back to article writing. Your book has given me a new look on the art of story writing and I am hoping to write better stories from the knowledge gained. So,if you see the name Denise Watson (I had thought of using a pen name but have now decided against it), you’ll know that I got my renewed inspiration from your book.


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