Kindle Free Downloads and Positive Reviews … .

As those will Kindle devices will know, there is a facility there where each and every one of us can have access to new books at nil cost.  If you don’t have a Kindle, let me explain.

When a new and hopeful author (as well as well-seasoned authors) put a book up for sale on Kindle, he or she can make use of five free download days, both to promote their books and show that people are indeed downloading it.  These five days are at the beginning of the new book’s life on Kindle and the dates are chosen by its author.  Most of my Kindle books have had two separate free download days and these figures did indeed boost my statistics.

Over the Christmas break, I have been downloading books that caught my attention and my point here is that, when you get something for nothing, it would be kind but also fair to give a review of that book. Okay, if you have downloaded a book which, when you got into the first few pages, you realised it wasn’t the kind of book you expected it to be, you might prefer not to leave a review but, if you are really enjoying it, why not give that little bit of your time free to the writer? The free days are to get the books out there but also to receive some reviews, from which they can maybe sell future books.  These reviews, if written with the intention of positive criticism, can also help that ‘new’ writer to adapt their work for better future results.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

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