What is the Right Price for Your Kindle Work of Art?

I’ve just recently read an article about the pricing of books on Kindle and should it be thirty percent commission on a ninety nine cents book that you put your little gem up for, or seventy percent on a two dollars and ninety cents book that you chance your arm at.

And the article made sense. 

While we may think of all the effort we have put into preparing a book and, if it’s non-fiction, the effort into all of that cross-referencing, we may think that we need to put our books up at three dollars, to get a bigger payback. 

I don’t disagree with this.  And I am sure that there are more people like me out there, who enjoy passing information on to others, so writing isn’t all about the monetary reward. 

So, what is the best price to ask for your book? 

Well, getting back to that article I was talking about, it said that the lower price will encourage more people to buy your book so, in a way, it’s a win-win situation, if the parties in your argument are the writer and the buyer.  Okay, Kindle gets a bigger cut on the cheaper-priced book but, as I said, it is cheaper.  Thirty percent of ninety nine cents is 33 cents for you (and 66 cents to Kindle), as opposed to seventy percent of three dollars being two dollars and ten cents for you and 90 cents to Kindle. 

At the moment, I’m not taking my own advice.  Well …. I have dropped the price on some of my Kindle books, so let’s see how it goes.



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