Writing Short Reads for Amazon Kindle

Of late, I’ve been watching what is happening in today’s world and thinking “is that something I could write about and put up on Kindle?”  And yes, I can.  But if the information is already spread across many newspapers, why would anyone want to buy my two thousand word + report?

Well, I found an answer to this question in some feedback I got from a reader of one of my Kindle books.  He said that my book helped him while away a wet day of travelling in London and ‘good on you for writing this book’, or words to that effect.  So, people like short reads and, if it is on a topic of interest, they are willing to pay that sixty pence, ninety nine cents or other monetary equivalent, to enjoy a read which comes from information that has been collated to form a ‘one stop read’.

I’ve had huge success on a report about Ebola and fair success on one about Parkinson’s disease (the actor Robin Williams had this condition).  Yesterday, I released a short report on Jack the Ripper, finishing it with the new information that a man believes he has now identified the murderer.  By DNA, of all things!

Amazon are now happy to publish what they call short reads so, if you’re like me and haven’t yet progressed to novellas (the shorter version of those very long pieces of writing), have a go at writing a short read for Kindle.  ‘Kindlifying (my word for it)’ is so incredibly easy.  If you’d like to know how to do it, send me an e-mail to denise-watson1@hotmail.com and I’ll let you know how.




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