‘A Horrible’ or ‘An ‘Orrible’ ….?

Today, 4th. March 2015, is the first time that I have watched the 5 o’clock news on channel 5 and I was so disappointed to hear the young newsreader (30 ish.?) say “an orrible campaign of violence”.
Oh, when did the English language become so horribly wrong? We all know that when the word which will be following ‘a’ begins with a vowel, we use ‘an’ instead. It’s smoothens the flow between the two words, doesn’t it?
But when did ‘a horrible’ become ‘an ‘orrible’ and, likewise, when did ‘a hotel’ become ‘an ‘otel’? Okay, if the ‘h’ is not to be pronounces, as in ‘honour’, we do say ‘an honour’ but that is a frir rule and not just a quirk. I sometimes think that it is only the older of us that can remember the real rules of the English language. Likewise with ‘oh, I didn’t know’, which is sometimes written as ‘or, I didn’t know’ and ‘I could’ve (I could have)’ regularly being written as ‘I could of’, we really do need to take stock of those who can write and speak English correctly and those who can’t ….. .


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