My First CreateSpace Experience

After kindlifying a book for a client, I was asked if I could also prepare the information as a book via CreateSpace, an area in which I had never moved before.

And it was terrific!

When I first used Kindle, it was also with trepidation and that too was a very straightforward process as, once you’ve done your first Kindle book, it seems so easy. I sent the Kindle format to my own Kindle, so that I could view it in situ and this was a good experience, as it showed me if any subtitles had separated from their following content, allowing me to put a page break before the subtitle, ensuring that subtitle and following information arrived on the same page to view.

Well, I’ve just completed that first CreateSpace book and I learnt how to do this through a gentleman’s instruction on his own site and through four pages of information in the Writing Magazine of January 2014.  , I’ve had a look at the layout via the review system set up in the CreateSpace site, so I’ve been able to see what the book will look like and can thus make any necessary adjustments, before it is good to go.

I feel so good!

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How Writers Can Get Rich Quick!

I’ve just downloaded a book I found on Kindle, one of those that was first published over one hundred years ago, and found an amazing description of the word ‘faith’:-

Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent and transmits it to infinite intelligence, as in the case of a prayer.’

And faith isn’t only about prayer. It’s about anything which you have a great desire for and wish to commit yourself to, making it your new future route through life.  All you have to do is believe you already have it and act accordingly. I know you’re getting a sniff of the law of attraction here and you could be right. So start making plans for your main goal and let me know when you arrive there.


So, come on, you writers out there (hmm. ….. that includes me …)!

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Independent Press Opportunities.

I read a very interesting article today, which talked about how the lesser-known (that includes me) writers should aim their works of art at independent publishers, rather than trying to grapple with the big boys (and girls), meaning agents, main publishers and top writers.  The article explained that finding an agent isn’t the only starting point and this gave me real encouragement for trying to get myself out there.

So I typed ‘independent publishers + UK’  into the search box and got an exciting list of (better known than me) writers who are happy to share some of their knowledge and research with others.  And it seems that, for some of these sites, the dreaded synopsis isn’t a qualifying factor.  I was particularly interested in the Sharon Bayliss site (see below) , which gives a fantastic list of publishers to approach.

Go on.  have a look.


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Kindle Free Downloads and Positive Reviews … .

As those will Kindle devices will know, there is a facility there where each and every one of us can have access to new books at nil cost.  If you don’t have a Kindle, let me explain.

When a new and hopeful author (as well as well-seasoned authors) put a book up for sale on Kindle, he or she can make use of five free download days, both to promote their books and show that people are indeed downloading it.  These five days are at the beginning of the new book’s life on Kindle and the dates are chosen by its author.  Most of my Kindle books have had two separate free download days and these figures did indeed boost my statistics.

Over the Christmas break, I have been downloading books that caught my attention and my point here is that, when you get something for nothing, it would be kind but also fair to give a review of that book. Okay, if you have downloaded a book which, when you got into the first few pages, you realised it wasn’t the kind of book you expected it to be, you might prefer not to leave a review but, if you are really enjoying it, why not give that little bit of your time free to the writer? The free days are to get the books out there but also to receive some reviews, from which they can maybe sell future books.  These reviews, if written with the intention of positive criticism, can also help that ‘new’ writer to adapt their work for better future results.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

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‘Back to Creative Writing School’ by Bridget Whelan …. Wow!

Over the last few years, I’ve bought eleven or twelve books on how to write short stories.  Some of these have been paperbacks and some Kindle books and all have been full of information of some kind or other.  I missed the Kindle ‘free’ day for Back to Creative Writing School by Bridget Whelan but purchased it the following day for less than two pounds.

Wow, wow and more of the same!!

What a book.

What amazing content.

Many books are much or a muchness but this one was so very different.  From the very outset, I wanted to do the exercises, rather than skipping them like I usually do.  The information she provides gave me lots of ideas on how I could improve my work.  She talked about scrabble words, throwing stones at your characters, evoking sensations, personification, drip feeding information, linking sound with movement, humour understatements and reversals, the five fears and ….. well ….. buy the book.

If Bridget can give such information in a book, what does she give in courses?  I’m off there now to have a look.

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There are So Many Good Writing Sites Out There … .

Every so often, I trawl through my saved favourite writing-related websites.  You know what it’s like …. you see a site you like, save it for the future (as you haven’t got time to look at it in that moment), then you forget all about what you saw.  When you go back to them, you can’t remember why you saved some of them but you can’t wipe them off, just in case …. .

Well, the other day, I went through some of those sites.  I save under three categories:-

 The writers’ outlets include any sites that offer publishing opportunities.  I subscribe to , which shows you sites and magazines that need writers and I have got quite a lot of work from this site.

The writers’ resources give tips on writing and how to get published e.g. .  There’s a lot to be learnt from such sites as these.

The writers’ sites include sites which have impressed me e.g.   The womag site is written by Kath McGurl and she has lots of interaction with other writers and also fiction editors.  Another very new site –  – is showing great promise.  This writer has already sworn a relationship with the fiction editor of People’s Friend (Shirley Blair) and gives her ideas (and Shirley Blair’s) on how to get published there.  Now that can’t be bad, can it?

Why not have a look?

After getting a fresh cuppa, of course ….. .

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Get Yourself a Writing Partner – but not the way others do it!

If you’re into writing, you might often hear how some writers have writing partners.  I believe this to mean help with writing work but I’ve adopted a writing partner in another way.

Though we live near each other, we talk via Skype and the purpose of our talks is to set weekly objectives, which we check are being completed.  My aims for the week might be to send off three pitches, research a subject or tidy up my writing files for easier access.  The last one could be something you would put off time and time again, if you didn’t have someone who was going to check up on you.  My writing partner might be going to finish a chapter of a book or search for magazines for a particular interest she has, with the view to pitching articles that meet the chosen magazine’s criteria.

And it works!

Our one hour weekly meetings make sure that a week doesn’t pass by without anything being accomplished and this helps to keep the ball of writing rolling and successes to happen. We have different interests and goals in our writing but that doesn’t matter.  We might share useful links that help us as writers-in-common, making the way exciting and comfortable, with a shoulder to cry on or to listen and praise.

Try it!

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Helping Others with their Writing.

It’s true to say that the kick of seeing one’s name on a published work can be more important than the money received for that particular writing.  It’s like a fix.  You do it and ‘aah ….. .’

But it’s nice to be paid too …. .

Other than writing something with a suitable market in mind, it can also be fun to see what other people are up to and help them with anything they might be doing.  I started with a content mill, where not only could you showcase your own work to likely interested purchasers but you could also accept proposals put forward by those searching for their own particular needs.  It was enjoyable but a little stressful, particularly when you put in the article you had prepared with a buyer in mind and someone had pipped you to the post.

I’ve now joined Elance, where you receive ten free points every month, which give you the opportunity to make ten bids for work you see being advertised. If you look at bids being put in for the same work, you will see that someone might bid 22 dollars (it’s an Amercian site) and someone else might bid three hundred!  I don’t bid low, out of respect for myself but I do put in a bid that will fall somewhere in the sixty to eighty percent range of bids.  Okay, a lot of the jobs that interest me don’t come my way (in fact, most of them don’t!) but I would sooner feel rewarded for my one hundred percent effort than begrudgingly complete the task.  So far, though I’ve had only one client for whom I have completed three tasks, I have found the site extremely professional and a good experience.  If all clients are as good as my first one, I recommend Elance to others!


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