My First CreateSpace Experience

After kindlifying a book for a client, I was asked if I could also prepare the information as a book via CreateSpace, an area in which I had never moved before.

And it was terrific!

When I first used Kindle, it was also with trepidation and that too was a very straightforward process as, once you’ve done your first Kindle book, it seems so easy. I sent the Kindle format to my own Kindle, so that I could view it in situ and this was a good experience, as it showed me if any subtitles had separated from their following content, allowing me to put a page break before the subtitle, ensuring that subtitle and following information arrived on the same page to view.

Well, I’ve just completed that first CreateSpace book and I learnt how to do this through a gentleman’s instruction on his own site and through four pages of information in the Writing Magazine of January 2014.  , I’ve had a look at the layout via the review system set up in the CreateSpace site, so I’ve been able to see what the book will look like and can thus make any necessary adjustments, before it is good to go.

I feel so good!

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How Cruel People Can be in Ignorance of the Facts ….

How cruel people can be in ignorance of the true facts.

I’m hurt.

I like writing and always have done. In these days, I put short reports of situations of interest to the public at large and I upload these to Kindle. One of these reports was about Ebola and, via Amazon.Com, I received a derogatory review that said I was making money from other people’s suffering.

I. I have offered free download days and over 700 people benefited from knowing what was happening in Africa up to the month of July 2014. I received nothing for these free downloads and was truly happy that so many people had downloaded the report.

2. From the small amount of earnings that I have made from those who have bought the Ebola report for 99 cents / 60 pence, I have donated money to the Red Cross in an attempt to give what I can to alleviate the suffering of the people of Africa and to help towards finding a solution. Money can also be given to Global Giving.

Today, while I browsed through my work on Amazon Kindle, I saw a comment that implied that my report deserved only a score of 1, because I was feeding off other people’s suffering. The person writing this review also slated another book on Ebola.

I am of the view that, if you are a busy person, you may benefit from condensed information. As a hard worker of many years in England, I can honesty say that I have no idea what was going on in the world between 1971 and 2005, as I was too busy working every hour that God sent and raising three boys at the same time. How I would have loved someone to have done the searching for me, providing me with condensed information which was free from frills.

Still, to the person who wrote this report, and so possibly either got it as a free download or paid only the smallest small amount allowed on Kindle (I could have asked more but didn’t), I hope you learned something from it.

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I am Now Nine Kindle Books into It … .

If you’ve been thinking about putting some of your work onto Kindle but are worried that it might be difficult and also time-consuming, let me put your mind at rest.  To get a book up there, it’s both easy and quick.  I now have nine books up on Kindle and, though I make only pin money every month, I’m proud that they are up there and that people are buying them.

To date, my topics have been about what I know, though I know other people research a subject and then write about that.  For any of you that subscribe to the Paulette Ensign website (, a lady who specialises in providing information booklets, you’ll know that a lot of people quite often want a taste of a subject, not a full on nuts and bolts which will leave them dead in their tracks by page three.  Strangely enough,  I once bought a ‘Book for Idiots’ on a computer programming topic and, by the fifth or sixth page, it told me that I now needed to find an expert to help me with the next deliverance in the book.  So, my point is that, if you want to get a book up there on Kindle, give someone the basics of a topic.  Once you ar sure that your writing is free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, you’re ready to get your writing up there. 

Go on.  Try it.

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A Foot in Both Camps ……

Throughout my ins and outs of writing, the consistent point is that I have always written non-fiction.  Having said that, I have found short stories amongst my ancient collection.  Most of these relate to incidents that came about as a result of being the mother (a single parent most of the time) of three boys and the antics and results of such actions.

Ah – but I also found some attempts at short stories for which I had publication in mind.  I have unearthed five stories and, having now undergone an eight week online course which concentrated on the intricacies of getting your short story ready for the market, I’m ready to make that sideways move into the world of women’s magazines.

To be honest, I doubt I’ll leave the world of non-fiction entirely, as paddling in the comfort of the world I know will help me get my feet wet in another.

Watch this space.

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I am Now Three Kindle Books Into It!

I really am so proud of myself!  I have now opened a website and I have three ‘worth knowing booklets’ booklets already up for sale on the Kindle page of Amazon.  Please pop over to my new site, where you will get the direct links for these booklets.

UPDATE on 20 April 2103:-

Make that six books!

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I’ve Just ‘Kindlified’ my First Word Document!

‘Kindlify’ may not be a real word but it definitely sums up what I have just done.  After a year or more of being interested in how to make a kindle book, I’ve taken the plunge and done it!  And it was so incredibly easy!

Just the other day, I had told Hubby  that, after being out of the education system for the last seven years (I live in the outback of Spain), I may now be sixty years old but I really do need  to learn something.  I was considering a course to enhance my counselling skills (online supervision), a course in past life therapy (again, to enhance my counselling skills), or maybe a course in enhancing my writing knowledge, when my other half provided me with links to how to make a Kindle book.

Two hours into reading and I was ready to ‘do the biz’.   My book is about the things a student of British sign language should know before starting the course and it lists useful points which, had I known these before I started my first of three stages of sign language, I would have had an excellent base on which build my learning.  I now have it ready for uploading to Amazon and achieving this really woke me up, so I am now raring to go on another one!

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Get Yourself a Writing Partner – but not the way others do it!

If you’re into writing, you might often hear how some writers have writing partners.  I believe this to mean help with writing work but I’ve adopted a writing partner in another way.

Though we live near each other, we talk via Skype and the purpose of our talks is to set weekly objectives, which we check are being completed.  My aims for the week might be to send off three pitches, research a subject or tidy up my writing files for easier access.  The last one could be something you would put off time and time again, if you didn’t have someone who was going to check up on you.  My writing partner might be going to finish a chapter of a book or search for magazines for a particular interest she has, with the view to pitching articles that meet the chosen magazine’s criteria.

And it works!

Our one hour weekly meetings make sure that a week doesn’t pass by without anything being accomplished and this helps to keep the ball of writing rolling and successes to happen. We have different interests and goals in our writing but that doesn’t matter.  We might share useful links that help us as writers-in-common, making the way exciting and comfortable, with a shoulder to cry on or to listen and praise.

Try it!

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Researching the Titanic – the Centenary in April 2012.

It must be two months now that I have been researching the birth and death of the Titanic.  It has been very emotional …. very emotional indeed.

The construction of the Titanic and learning about the lifeboats (and to know that, according to the laws of the time, they had more than sufficient lifeboats onboard) gave me a feeling of expectation.  The grandeur of the first-class accommodation was indeed a home-away-from-home for its first class passengers, the second class passengers felt that their accommodation was equal to first class on any other liner and the third class, well, the third class may not have had the best of accommodation but they were all very high on hope.  Passengers from all over the world (China, Australia, the Lebanon, Sweden, Siam to name but a few countries) were sailing towards a new future ….. .

Whole families were wiped out and, because of the ‘women and children first’ rule, even the richest man on board was amongst those who died.  Families were split and, on many occasions, it can be seen that the father died while the family survived.  As many as eleven people in one family perished – none of them survived.

I have found it difficult to plough through the information available but, in a way, I am pleased that I have done this.  It is a reminder that we must treat every day as our last and ‘be sure that the last thing you say can stand as the last thing you said’.

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Another Goal Achieved!

I have had a relationship with a particular newspaper all my life.  My father and I used to fight over being the first to read it, particularly the ‘poultry and livestock column’ , in which we were both interested.  I joined their children’s page and had short letters published.  I had a couple of articles published when I was in my forties but the divorce I was going through at that time meant I didn’t read the letter in which they offered me a contract until sixteen years later.  Yes, I did write to them and yes, I was too late (hmmm…. that’s what I expected).

Over the last six months, I have been sending in letters to the newspaper’s letters page and I have created a good relationship with the deputy editor there.  Starting Friday 27th. January, I am to have my own monthly column with the very same newspaper!  Isn’t that wonderful?  And I’ll still be sending in the odd letter too.

Another goal achieved!


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Where am I Now ….?

Well, if you’ve read my other pages, you’ll know that my writing life has been pebble-dashed by marriage, children and bringing in enough money to make ends meet.  Unfortunately, like many mothers, writing took its rightful place as a diversion (do I really mean what I’m saying?) and raised its head either in times of pressure (as that diversion) or times of desperate need, when even ten or twenty pounds for the odd published letter would make life easier.

Now that I live in the backwater of Spain and my children are grown up with their own families and still in England, keeping my act together as the ‘woman of my own dreams’ has found stability.  ‘Woman of my dreams’ is not entirely true for, in England, as a working mother, I had little time for my children and grandchildren, due to the pressure of work needed to make ends meet.  Now, semi-retired and living in Spain, I have free time but am too far away from my family to take part in what I would like – a mixture of both family life and writing.

But still, writing is a pleasure and this is where I am:-

  • I have found regular work with three websites and four others on a temporary basis.  The topics are diverse, including disability and ergonomics of which I have an in-depth knowledge and then modular homes, female robots and robotic toys, these three completely alien to me until the research was done.
  • I had a four page spread in my target magazine of Living Spain, an article which also included my photographs.
  • I have been published in a couple of other good magazines (Evergreen Magazine in England and, this month,  the Coal People Magazine in America).
  • I write regular SEO articles for an important customer, writing as many as fifteen a week.
  • I do book reviews.
  • I have sold several articles through the Constant Content content mill.
  • I contribute to my local newspaper back in England and have also contributed to the local newspaper here in Galicia!
  • I have had several letters published in magazines, including one that heralded the star prize

It’s so wonderful to see one’s own words in print, whether on the internet or in a real paper magazine or newspaper, though I must say I do get an extra buzz out of the ones that can be got from the newsagent!

Overall, that’s not bad, is it?

All I can say is ‘watch this space’!


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