‘A Horrible’ or ‘An ‘Orrible’ ….?

Today, 4th. March 2015, is the first time that I have watched the 5 o’clock news on channel 5 and I was so disappointed to hear the young newsreader (30 ish.?) say “an orrible campaign of violence”.
Oh, when did the English language become so horribly wrong? We all know that when the word which will be following ‘a’ begins with a vowel, we use ‘an’ instead. It’s smoothens the flow between the two words, doesn’t it?
But when did ‘a horrible’ become ‘an ‘orrible’ and, likewise, when did ‘a hotel’ become ‘an ‘otel’? Okay, if the ‘h’ is not to be pronounces, as in ‘honour’, we do say ‘an honour’ but that is a frir rule and not just a quirk. I sometimes think that it is only the older of us that can remember the real rules of the English language. Likewise with ‘oh, I didn’t know’, which is sometimes written as ‘or, I didn’t know’ and ‘I could’ve (I could have)’ regularly being written as ‘I could of’, we really do need to take stock of those who can write and speak English correctly and those who can’t ….. .


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Writing Short Reads for Amazon Kindle

Of late, I’ve been watching what is happening in today’s world and thinking “is that something I could write about and put up on Kindle?”  And yes, I can.  But if the information is already spread across many newspapers, why would anyone want to buy my two thousand word + report?

Well, I found an answer to this question in some feedback I got from a reader of one of my Kindle books.  He said that my book helped him while away a wet day of travelling in London and ‘good on you for writing this book’, or words to that effect.  So, people like short reads and, if it is on a topic of interest, they are willing to pay that sixty pence, ninety nine cents or other monetary equivalent, to enjoy a read which comes from information that has been collated to form a ‘one stop read’.

I’ve had huge success on a report about Ebola and fair success on one about Parkinson’s disease (the actor Robin Williams had this condition).  Yesterday, I released a short report on Jack the Ripper, finishing it with the new information that a man believes he has now identified the murderer.  By DNA, of all things!

Amazon are now happy to publish what they call short reads so, if you’re like me and haven’t yet progressed to novellas (the shorter version of those very long pieces of writing), have a go at writing a short read for Kindle.  ‘Kindlifying (my word for it)’ is so incredibly easy.  If you’d like to know how to do it, send me an e-mail to denise-watson1@hotmail.com and I’ll let you know how.




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Denise Watson 

Welcome to my personal site.  I am a freelance writer, at your service.

As you will gauge from My Career History, I fully understand professionalism and confidentiality and respect working to deadlines.  I have a good knowledge of both disability and social care and an in-depth understanding of hearing impairment and the deaf world.

I write factual articles and press releases and also enjoy doing book reviews. Please view both My Writing Life and Published Work pages, to get a taste of my writing style. I am currently moving into the world of short story writing, having just completed an eight week online course in structure and critiquing of the same. I also enjoy editing and proofreading for both native English and non-native English writers or businesses and am now spending quite a lot of time in this niche.

Creating or perfecting something that is easy to read takes both time and commitment and I take pride in achieving such results .  I am happy to take on personal requests, so please feel free to contact me at dwatsonspage@hotmail.com

And while you’re here, let’s enjoy a virtual cuppa while you look around my site!








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