I have now built up a lot of experience with editing and proofreading and would like to share some of this information with you.

I believe that my own work should be perfect in every way and that includes spelling, grammar, layout, factual correctness and punctuation.  With regard to the last point, that of punctuation, I have noticed that today’s writers don’t use punctuation within their writings and I remember taking insult many years ago, when a colleague said that my words were over-punctuate.  It wasn’t until I started reading in-depth about the art of professional writing, that I realised that the stinging remark of twenty-five years ago was actually a compliment, as I have never forgotten those lessons in punctuation that I learnt at a very young age.  Without appropriate punctuation, getting the right flow of a sentence in one’s reading mind isn’t always easy and can often lead to misunderstanding as to what a sentence is really saying.  All of these points are important to me and I apply an equal importance to any editing or proofreading that I do for others.

I am a native English woman and my hourly rate of fifteen pounds (or other denomination) is not exorbitant, as your work will be returned to you in perfect condition  and within the deadline agreed between us.  Experience has shown me that, with longer pieces of work (thirty thousand words +), my professional speed works out at one thousand words per hour so, in effect, I ask fifteen pounds per hour / per thousand words. Those one thousand words will have been edited and proofread at least three times and then checked and checked again, until I get an absolutely clear read-through.  I do a lot of work for non-native writers of English and this can sometimes take more time, as there is a need to make sentences and phrases ‘more English’, by maybe choosing a better and more frequently used word, or maybe by removing several words and introducing a more commonly used idiomatic phrase.   Having said that about an hourly rate, I am always happy to agree an outright price if I have seen the work upfront, or if I already know the client from previous work.

Let me explain to you how I edit and proofread your writing, as it’s nice to know where a professional’s time goes on this type of work.

I edit and proofread the whole of your work at least three times:-

1. I check the whole book through and, if required by the work owner, I add track changes.

2. I then go through the whole book again, for two reasons.  When ‘reading’ the book the first time, it always happens that something comes to my attention e.g. that’s not what the author said the first time,  or maybe I’ll notice that the owner sometimes uses a capital letter for a word and, on other occasions he or she uses lower case, so I’ll make a note of theses points and catch them on the second read-through.  I also do this second check to find anything on the lines of ‘sensibility’ or ‘reality’, as checking the ‘proofreading’ element doesn’t always make it possible to find these errors, which are usually caught in the natural flow of reading.

3.  The third read through is to make sure that I am one hundred percent happy that checks one and two caught everything. It’s so easy to miss something and that’s why I always do three full editing and proofreading checks.

Even at this stage, there may be other things to be addressed.  Sometimes, I might find that a sentence doesn’t explain itself very well and I am unable to guess what the author means.  On these occasions, I will write down the page number and the sentence and then send this to the work owner, to make the information clearer.

When all of this has been done, I am happy and know that you will be happy too.

And that’s how it should be, don’t you think?

My diligence and attention to detail helps me catch everything that does indeed need to be caught.

For clients whose books I bring up to publishable standard, I am also happy to provide an Amazon / Kindle review, should they request it.  After all, I have indeed read the book.

If you would like to ask me anything about this service, please feel free to write to me at dwatsonspage@hotmail.com

Thank-you for your time.


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