Hartlepool Mail – Ex-pat Columnist.

Monthly Columnist from January 2011 to 2014, with articles including:-

Living Spain.

Spring 2011 Issue (words and photos) – Land of a Thousand Rivers –

Evergreen Magazine.

Autumn 2011 Issue (Make Do and Mend (pages 106 and 107)) –

Aquila -(educational children’s monthly magazine).

 March 2013 Issue –  The Silent World of Sign Language.

Best of British.

March 2013 – Mister Meccano Man.

The Disabled Shop.Com

Seventy + articles, including:-

Grab Bars – Now You’re Getting Somewhere ––-now-you’re-getting-somewhere/

Alzheimer’s and Spaghetti Junction

Mature Times .Co.Uk

The Complexity of Deafness –

GP Online

October 13 issue – Addressing Hearing Loss in that All-Important Doctor’s Consultation –

My Space Pod.Co .Uk

Thirty + articles, all relating to their line of work, the recycling of shipping containers into homes, hospitals, colleges and many other buildings.


Disabled  World .Com

Falling on Deaf Ears


The Culture of Deafness –

Capturing the Galician Culture –

In the Event of Fire –

Female Robots .Com (written under Denise Watson and Joan Archer).

Book Reviews.

 Direct Payments and Personal Budgets: Putting personalisation into practice

Kindle Books.

I have written many Kindle books and booklets, mostly on health topics but also about hearing loss and sign language, English language books for advanced students of English, counselling, feng shui, karma, as well as other topics which proved interesting to me.  Books include a series of ‘A Smattering of’, short booklets of around 3,000 words, which give the reader a general understanding of the topic being discussed.


 Contacts in Previous Years.

Star Series Newspaper

Employment Services

My Other Websites.


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